We help people reduce their property tax bills and we do it very well.

In 2013, we reduced property values for over 87% of our clients with an average reduction of $56,267 and an average tax savings of just over $1,406. I challenge any other firm to show results close to ours.

Traditionally fees average 50% of the tax savings. Many firms do not account for exemptions at all in their calculations, with the result that bills are often more than half of the savings. We provide our superior service for a single flat fee based on the notified value of your property.

Fees start at $149 for properties valued under $200,000. You can find the full list of fees and sign up with us on our Sign Up page, or you may look over some of our outstanding savings examples from 2013.

We are a small Fort Worth based firm with a focus on North Texas properties.

Sign Up Here!!! Here is a short list of some examples of savings we achieved for our clients in previous years... Fort Worth Area Phone: 817-727-8488
Email: info@txptr.com